Beware of terrorists walking mules along Pennsylvania canals

You can’t make up this stuff. TSA evidently wants mule skinners to get biometric Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC). We can’t be too safe. Now TSA wants to check out the costumed folk who walk alongside the mules that pull barges in a historic park.

Ryanair: Pay toilets coming to a plane near you

This morning, chief executive Michael O’Leary of Irish carrier Ryanair, Europe’s largest budget airline said his airline might start charging passengers for using the toilet while flying. Was this a tongue-in-cheek comment?

Airline security fees could soar under Obama budget plan

The federal government charges airline passengers a $2.50 per leg “September 11th Security Fee.” In its latest budget proposal, which includes big spending increases for transportation projects, the Obama administration drops a bomb on travelers: it’s not enough. Not by a long shot.

Your money’s no good here — the cashless airline cabin

It wasn’t that long ago, except for alcoholic beverages and maybe headsets, that passengers could leave their cash at home when flying. Good news! Those times are coming back. Well, maybe not so good news — the airlines aren’t cutting out fees, they’re just phasing out cash.

Are B&Bs viable business travel lodging alternatives?

Are you on a budget and looking for less expensive places to stay when traveling on business? There’s a new trend. B&Bs in major cities are mushrooming and many of the owners are doing their best to cater to business travelers. Some think B&Bs the answer. Others wouldn’t go near them.

Snowbasin, Utah—Budget skiing in Taj Mahal surroundings

earlslodge72Want the posh experience of Deer-Valley-luxury on a more realistic budget? Think Snowbasin. For a $63 lift ticket, you won’t get a ski valet who carries your gear from your car, but you will find 2,650 acres of varied terrain, a vertical drop of nearly 3,000 feet, plenty of elbow room and lots of elegant touches.

Travel is amazing … why isn’t anyone happy?

We all know the experience of meeting someone along our flight path who is constantly complaining about air travel. They drone on about how miserable their trip has been by recounting every single obstacle, delay or cancellation that has stood in their way.