Airline pre-boarding is a joke no one is laughing at

As the population of travelers rises with the temperature outdoors, it is more apparent every day that we have become a nation of “needy” people. Either that, or the airlines have greatly relaxed their definition of what it takes to board early.

European Union set to sign open skies agreement with Canada

Earlier we reported that the European Union and Canada have reached a deal that will open up the aviation market to each other. Now the European Union Transport Ministers and Canada are set to sign the agreement. This means that Canadian and European airlines have the freedom to fly between any Canadian airport and any European airport.

Long on-board delay focus won’t solve air traffic crisis

Long on-board delays. Perfect fodder for yellow journalists and for government officials looking for easy causes to help with reelection. But they are not the right focus for those hoping to convince government officials to fix our ailing national Air Traffic Control (ATC) system.

First job for FAA’s new chief? Stop the bickering

The Obama administration is set to nominate Randy Babbitt, a prominent aviation consultant and former head of the largest U.S. commercial-pilot union, as the next head of the Federal Aviation Administration. It’s about time.

Coming soon: a “no talking” section on planes?

Airplane flights are the last bastion of escape from being available 24/7. Which is one reason that Internet access on planes is a mixed blessing. While the FAA seems in no hurry to allow cellphone use in the sky, there’s already a way around the phone ban.