City Center in Las Vegas makes payment, continues construction

Earlier this month we reported that MGM Mirage may have to delay opening the CityCenter because it couldn't secure additional financing. Now comes word that the company was able to make a $200 million payment, which enables construction of the CityCenter to continue.

An air traffic control bureaucratic brouhaha

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation heard from the FAA, pilots and air traffic controllers regarding the state of NextGen, the new air traffic control system (ATC) to be deployed across the U.S., this week. It's not a pretty picture.
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American Airlines’ customer service solution: more wine!

Amid one of the roughest times in recent memory for U.S. airlines, and their passengers, American Airlines is trying a new tactic to woo customers: better wine. And more of it.
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Brocation cruises: where dudes bond on bounding waves

Anita Dunham-Potter What’s a brocation cruise? It’s a vacation cruise that gathers a number of male friends for some manly bonding time at sea. Here is a list of brocation cruises that offer some activities for the flock of dudes at sea.

Minivan season, reveling in so many choices

It’s minivan season. I learned this from a passionate car salesman. Not only did he have the statistics handy regarding the state of the economy, he let me know that warmer weather isn’t only about sports cars, It’s about the “Family Truckster."
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Avis goes wrong with what could be a brilliant idea

Why is it that so often what looks like a great deal at first glance, really isn’t a great deal at all, once you read the fine print? Avis serves up a doozy.

Dreamliner may finally fly in June

Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Scott Carson assured investors at the JP Morgan Chase conference that the airline will make its first Dreamliner flight before the end of June.

Airline alliance realities: airlines win, consumers lose

The big boys in the airline industry are in full huff-and-puff mode in response to federal legislation, HR 831 by Rep. James Oberstar, D-Minn. that will force a restudy of the airline line alliances' benefit to the public.
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Right state, wrong Ramada

Donald Johnson accidentally reserves a nonrefundable room in Oklahoma City instead of Enid, Okla. Now his hotel wants to keep the money. Can he get a refund? Or is he stuck with a room he can't use?

Spare a little outrage for airline CEOs

Anyone who hasn't spent the last couple months in a bubble is aware of the outrage about AIG's rich bonuses. And it is particularly galling to know that executives are being compensated for lousy performance with taxpayer dollars. But how about airlines?
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