A level headed look at Swine (H1N1) Flu

iJet offers their factual assessment of H1N1 (Swine Flu). With all of the emotional news spreading, the point of view of a company paid to protect investments and personnel traveling internationally, comes in handy.
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Hey everyone, ready to play baggage claim roulette?

If you think the normal logistics of retrieving your bag from the baggage claim madness is not too much of a challenge, take your chances with a little game of baggage claim roulette in Santiago, Dominican Republic.
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Uh-oh! Optional car rental insurance isn’t

When Jessica Santangelo and her husband check in at the Hertz rental counter in Zagreb, they're told they have to buy insurance. But Santangelo had been told she was fully covered before her trip. Should Hertz refund her insurance now that she's home?

What we’re reading: CityCenter back on track, Stand tall in Boeing’s new 737, Scanners and flu passengers

Back in March we reported that Dubai World sued its partner, MGM Mirage, claiming breach of contract. Now the two have settled their differences and construction can continue.

Tax savings spread on French bread

If your travel plans include France, some meals will cost less beginning in July because of tax cuts. Will it be enough to lure residents and tourists into eating out? The French government is betting yes. Do you think US restaurants should do more cost cutting in order to increase business? Times are tight.
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Pearls before swine flu: Now you can cruise the West Coast and Canada

West Coast cruise fans have long faced a choice for their cruise vacations. Fly to the East Coast,

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Aer Lingus dancing a financial jig

After spurning merger buyout twice from Ryanair, the powers that be at Aer Lingus are moving deck chairs on a sinking ship and looking at novel ways to make money. Piecing together several news stories uncovers a desperate story.
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No tattoos please, we’re British

Just when air travelers feel they have a gotten a handle on regulations governing knives, gels and aerosols, British Air has added a new concern to the list of potentially banned items: tattoos.

Turbulent times for airline magazines

Tim LeffelWith airlines cutting back on service and travel companies cutting their ad budgets, your in-flight magazine may be getting lighter than air.
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Swine flu? Maybe it’s time for a deep breath — with or without the mask

I've hesitated to write about the swine flu issue, because it is almost certain that whatever I write may be out of date by the time it is read. But for that and other reasons, maybe it's time to stop and take a deep breath before we all change our travel plans.
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