Comprehensive swine flu information

The Business Travel Coalition (BTC) has created a page that aggregates current news reports and announcements about swine flu. On one page visitors can access reports from sources as varied as twitter from the Centers for Disease Control to World Health Organization alerts.

If shoes were sold like airline tickets

Janice Hough looks at the process of buying a pair of shoes through the eyes of an airline marketing yield-management expert. After all, why advertise the price for a pair of shoes when pricing them separately makes them seem much more affordable?

Alaska adds first-checked-bag fee — with a guarantee

Buried in the recent airline earnings news was the announcement that Alaska Airlines has succumbed to charging $15 for the first checked bag. Starting on July 7th, Alaska Airways will initiate the fees. This is bad news. But their unique-to-the-industry guarantee is good news.

Broadsided! 5 new car rental fees to avoid

Look out for cancellation penalties. Beware of energy surcharges. And watch for facilities fees. No, not on your airline ticket. Not on your hotel folio. You may find these new extras on your next car rental bill.