Two days in Sydney, Australia – Are you crazy? You flew how many miles?

Who flies from Washington, DC, to Sydney, Australia, for slightly more than two days? Clearly only a nut or someone on a mileage run who was taking advantage of the deeper than deep discounted fares to go “down under.” What I didn’t realize is Sydney is an adult playground. Will I return? You bet.
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Celebrity Equinox has the perfect balance of style

Celebrity Equinox (photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)Equinox is truly an appropriate name for Celebrity Cruises latest Solstice-class ship. Twice a year, the equinox marks a near-perfect balance between length of day and night across the planet, and the Celebrity Equinox offers cruise travelers an excellent balance of size, style, efficiency, and quality.

What we’re reading: Southwest to bid for Frontier, fume events on planes, stay in New Jersey

Southwest Airlines is about to bid for Frontier Airlines. It plans to bid $113.6 million according to both airlines.

“The airport is where I feel most attractive”

Years ago, a friend of mine posed the question, “Where do you feel most attractive?” The question caught me a bit off guard and seemed a bit vain, but still, it was a playful question.
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Apples and oranges? Peanuts and sandwiches? Southwest and Frontier?

Janice notes that the Southwest buyout or Frontier will break many of the rules that Southwest has lived by for the entirety of its existence. From her point of view Frontier and Southwest are two very different airlines.
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Ben Stein: No meetings on the table

I didn't write this, Ben Stein did. But, I feel it is an important opinion piece. Many of us have probably had these thoughts, but Mr. Stein makes them cogent. Here is the introduction to the article from the American Spectator with a link to the complete story.

Frontier’s Van Leuven: Amid bidding war for airline, “we’re still in the service business”

Cliff Van Leuven is the vice president of customer service at Frontier Airlines, the Denver-based regional airline. I asked him about how the carrier's turbulent year so far, including a trip through bankruptcy court, a different take on fees and the likely bidding war between Republic Air and Southwest Airlines to take over Frontier. I also wondered how late-summer travelers can get the best customer service from a struggling airline industry.

Would you sleep in a wigwam?

Newsday published an entertaining story about unusual hotels. It features everything from sleeping in a wigwam to a railroad car or a library to a covered wagon. Enjoy the slide show.

Domestic fares plunge 9 percent: “biggest quarter-to-quarter drop on record”

All this talk of higher airfares begs for some perspective. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics just released its latest airfare data, which showed a record drop in ticket prices.

Do we need a standard for holding flights for late connections?

We've all been there. Your first flight is late, and that connection time seems shorter and shorter. And you hope against hope that maybe the second flight is also delayed, or that the airline will be merciful and hold the plane. But will they?
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