Sorry, your airline ticket’s no good here

When Eileen Mather lands in Mexico City on her way to Tapachula, Mexico, she learns her airline ticket isn’t valid. Her airline forces her to buy a new one. Mather asks her online agency,, for a refund, but more than six months later, she’s still out $879. Is she also out of options?

Ewwwww! 5 worst rental car smells

Travel can be an olfactory experience, by which I mean everything smells. Even your rental car. Hertz recently teamed up with Fresh Wave to use its IAQ technology to eliminate unwanted odors in its cars. When I heard the news, I had to ask Hertz if it had a list of the worst rental-car smells. In fact, it does.

Forget France, how do travelers stay thin visiting Kansas?

Travelers often return from France shaking their heads at how French people manage to stay thin. And certainly, the wine, the cheese and the wonderful breads, are all tempting. Not to mention “les desserts.” But after a few days watching my son’s summer baseball team touring around, I am equally perplexed, “How does anyone stay thin in Kansas?”

Top 5 naked events and top 5 nude beaches

nudist-beachI know this is a shameless exploitation of the words “naked and nude.” But, heck, bets are that this post will be one of the most read of the day; maybe the week. TripAdvisor announced these lists with unabashed seriousness. If you want to let it all hang out, these are the places to be.