Should Congress dictate carry-on bag sizes?

This may come under the “careful what you wish for” category. We have all grumbled under our breath (well sometimes, no-so-under-our-breath) about passengers carrying oversized luggage aboard plane as carry-on luggage. Rep. Lipinski (D-Ill.) is proposing a law mandating the maximum size of bags a passenger can carry on board.

New Orleans still picking itself up neighborhood by neighborhood

It’s been four years since Hurricane Katrina broke through levees in New Orleans and hurtled across the city. The population is down something like 173,000, however tourism is coming back and districts are slowly rebuilding. The rebirth is a tribute to the power of neighborhoods and small groups that have led the efforts.

Seat-back pockets — the next airline/passenger battleground?

The battle between the airlines and passengers regarding the amount of “stuff” (that’s a technical term) that passengers can bring with them is seemingly never-ending.

Checked baggage fees keep going up and up, and carry-on limits are more carefully enforced. The combination means passengers have a greater incentive to bring as much as they can on board, but to consolidate it upon boarding.

So, instead of bringing books and papers separately, many travelers will pack them in a carry-on, but then put the bag overhead, and the reading material in the seatback pocket in front of them. Others do the same with toiletries, craft materials, and other things they want to use in flight.

Now this practice could just be about to change.