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No refund for canceled Vegas vacation

Ethel Schweitzer’s husband falls ill before a trip to Las Vegas, and the couple cancels their vacation. Now US Airways wants to keep their money. Why can’t it offer them a refund?

Queen (or King, or Baroness) for a day at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

It’s always fun when I discover something really clever tucked away in a nuts-and-bolts website. Fairmont Hotels, not known as a hotbed of humor, but rather a place where many of the sultans, sheikhs and excellencies of the world choose to stay, has a simple drop-down menu in their reservation form that brought a smile to my face.

Dram Shop Law for the airlines needed for passenger safety

Ned discusses the serious problem of drunken passengers interfering with the operations of the flight crew and endangering the safety of the aircraft. He proposes that the FAA institute a Federal Dram Shop regulation making the airlines and flight crews equally responsible with the passenger for the passengers actions if served while visibly intoxicated.