Amen/Aman: Soft side of rock hard

Recession? What recession? Amangroupies take note: The newest in the ultra chic and haute, haute, haute chain of boutique resorts has opened just north of Page, Ariz., and Lake Powell, amidst 600 private, gated acres of rock canyons and plateaus. Like its siblings in the Amanresorts chain, the Amangiri, Sanskrit for peaceful mountain, is tricked out with amenities and facilities that put most high-end resorts to shame.

Camino to Santiago: Bilbao effects

I take back all those unflattering things I've said in the past about Bilbao. That stuff about how it's the "the Pittsburgh of Spain." Yes, it's an iron city. Yes, the Ría that runs through it is brown. And yes, it's annoying, if not panic-inducing, that the Guggenheim Bilbao is now listed in 1000 Places to See Before You Die. But the city that inspired a planning cliché, "the Bilbao effect" (build a Big-Name-Architect museum and you'll soon be polishing up your rusting economy with wads of tourist dollars), is more than all that.

A $30,000 fine for filing a late report? Wow, now the Transportation Department is serious

Jetstar Airways is an Australian discount airline that began flying between Sydney, Melbourne and Honolulu in late 2006. The Transportation Department requires the airline to file an annual report detailing disability-related complaints, which it did for 2007 -- this January.
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Southwest’s technical gamble — moving too fast or staying ahead of the curve

Southwest Airlines is ahead of the pack when it comes to avionics for the air traffic control improvements of the future. The airline is committed to retrofitting hundreds of its 737s with Required Navigation Performance (RNP) capabilities.
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Sad numbers for legacy carriers from Boston Logan airport

Tucked into the end of a blog post about an increase in rental car rates at Boston was a more disturbing note for legacy carriers. While the airport saw a increase of six percent the legacy carriers only 14 percent flew on legacy carriers.
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Pick your upgrade poison, frequent fliers: higher fares or co-pays?

One of the most sought after benefits for frequent fliers is not free tickets, but the chance to escape the cattle car in the back, and sit up in business or first class with an upgrade.
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What we’re reading: Boeing selects South Carolina, American to close Kansas City maintenance base, enter to win jetBlue’s giveaway

Boeing announced that it has selected South Carolina to open a second assembly line for the 787 Dreamliner.

Last call for our poll: Would you fly with the flu to avoid change fees and penalties?

Please help the Consumer Travel Alliance get the pulse of passenger attitudes with regards to flying with H1N1 (Swine Flu) or any flu. Now that President Obama has declared H1N1 a "national emergency," pressure is sure to mount on airlines to change some of their policies when it comes to changing airline tickets.
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Oops! United loses Dave Carroll’s bags, guitar is intact

United Airlines has done it again. The same Dave Carroll, who responded to United Airlines' total lack of response to breaking his guitar with a series of videos, just had his checked bag lost as he flew into Denver on United.
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Is the health insurance debate missing travelers?

Does your health insurance cover you when you leave the country? A survey commissioned by the US Travel Insurance Association suggests you aren't.