What is a bicycle in a bag to airlines?

This story struck me as interesting when Air Canada imposed a bicycle fee on a special folding bicycle that folded down to the specifications defined in the airline’s contract of carriage.

Claim denied on a terrorism technicality

Diane Gandara cancels her vacation to New Delhi after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. But her insurance company won’t honor her claim because she wasn’t visiting Mumbai. Is the $7,300 she spent on her trip lost?

Airline fuel surcharges on their way back

After seeing the price of oil drop dramatically earlier this year to less than $35 a barrel, the price has been creeping back up to the $70-a-barrel range. With the increase in oil, jet fuel prices rise and we passengers will see higher fuel surcharges.

Eating out — what are your expectations?

Eating at a restaurant should be a positive experience. But is it? After all, it’s the time when someone else shops, cooks, serves you what (you think) you’ve ordered and takes away the dishes and glasses to a mysterious place. Best of all, you’re not responsible for washing them. In spite of these definite pluses, people appear to have more gripes than you’d think. And they make no bones about voicing them.

Better think twice about that Halloween costume at the airport

This weekend in the airports we will undoubtedly see other Halloween junkies making their way in costumes around our world. Everyday people transforming their look for the celebration of that Halloween spirit. But, before you find yourself at the peak of your creative process and ready to head off to the airport in costume, here’s some last minute advice for you.

That’s scary! A postscript on Northwest’s “missed Minneapolis” problem

The Delta/Northwest story about the pilots overflying Minneapolis last week is in some ways a perfect distracting travel story. Nobody died, nobody was injured. A plane wasn’t even damaged. Like the “balloon boy” hoax of the previous week, it has captured the nation’s attention, and provided a distraction from larger issues such as the economy, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and healthcare reform.