Thanksgiving survey results

The Consumer Travel Alliance Thanksgiving travel survey just closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. The picture of our readers and whether they were traveling and how they made their reservations are revealing.

Ned’s holiday gift suggestions for travelers

It’s the holiday time of the year and Ned Levi offers his annual travelers gift list. Ned has found some potential gifts which are definitely “off the beaten path.”

Heaven in Hanoi at the Sofitel Metropole

The The Metropole has always been the place to stay in Hanoi. Legends of the rich and famous, as well royalty, have made it their home. Located in the heart of Hanoi, it’s near the city’s Old Quarter. The hotel opened in 1901, although if the research is correct, the Colonial building was constructed a […]

More full-body scanners? The better to see you naked

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced last week that they have ordered another 150 whole-body scanners with stimulus money to add to their scanner arsenal that strips passengers naked. If I sound a bit negative about the idea, you are hearing me correctly. There is no need to have passengers march through security naked. The controls already in place are doing their job.

A dozen reasons for airlines to celebrate Thanksgiving

The airlines have a lot to be thankful about these days. Though airline executives are moaning, airline workers are groaning and passengers are more vocal than ever with their complaints, it could be worse. Here are 12 things that the airlines can be thankful for in 2009. Some issues are good for both the airlines and the passengers, however, it is the passengers who are still getting the short end of the stick.