A ‘service charge’ or ‘tip’ for Internet service? You’ve got to be kidding

The Consumer Travel Alliance Thanksgiving travel survey just closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. The picture of our readers and whether they were traveling and how they made their reservations are revealing.
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Thanksgiving survey results

The Consumer Travel Alliance Thanksgiving travel survey just closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. The picture of our readers and whether they were traveling and how they made their reservations are revealing.
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Family values? Soon you’ll be able track your child onboard — for a price

Much has already and will continue to be written about Royal Caribbean's new mega-ship, the "Oasis of the Seas." With a capacity of over 6,000 passengers (plus crew), 16 passenger decks, and more bells and whistles than most amusement parks, it's not a ship that inspires lukewarm feelings.
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Ned’s holiday gift suggestions for travelers

It's the holiday time of the year and Ned Levi offers his annual travelers gift list. Ned has found some potential gifts which are definitely "off the beaten path."
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What we’re reading: The concept behind CityCenter, 60 percent off Caribbean cruise, Ryanair named worst family brand

Vega's City Center concept, big cruise bargains, Ryanair finished at the bottom of another poll.
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What really happened on Northwest Airlines Flight 188?

On Friday the transcripts from the FAA and an email from a friend of the pilot were both released and published. The Dallas Morning News Airline Bix blog had exceptionally good coverage. I am forwarding that in this blog post.
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What we’re reading: 8 rude holiday travelers, can’t use our favorite names to fly, Virgin’s fear of flying app,

Travelocity lists 8 travel rudies

This poll came up with a list of travelers that we all strive to avoid but never quite seem to be able to succeed. Take a deep breath and read through these irritating travelers. Do you agree?

The Over Packer: Hey, if you want to pay $100 round-trip to check two bags, that’s your business. Your over packing, however, becomes everyone else’s business when you stuff your oversized bag into the overhead. You may have snuck your too-big bag by the airline employees, but you will not escape the judgment of your fellow travelers forced to gate check because of you taking up all the space.

The Over-Eager Boarder: Hey buddy, what’s the rush? You know the one – the guy or gal who, for some inexplicable reason, is dying to get on that plane. Frankly, I would prefer to spend as little time on the plane as possible, but these travelers crowd the boarding line in an effort to be first.

There are six more irritating travel types.

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Heaven in Hanoi at the Sofitel Metropole

The The Metropole has always been the place to stay in Hanoi. Legends of the rich and famous, as well royalty, have made it their home. Located in the heart of Hanoi, it’s near the city’s Old Quarter. The hotel opened in 1901, although if the research is correct, the Colonial building was constructed a minimum of twenty years before.

There are many special hotels in the world but the Sofitel Metropole has a unique quality. It was designated the  the Sofitel Group’s first Legend hotel in July 2009. After a four-year-long massive renovation, the hotel now offers another level of service, coupled with every amenity guests could want. Yes, there are flat screen TVs and other electronic gadgets that yell, “up-to-date” but don’t detract from the hotel’s charm and elegance.

More full-body scanners? The better to see you naked

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced last week that they have ordered another 150 whole-body scanners with stimulus money to add to their scanner arsenal that strips passengers naked. If I sound a bit negative about the idea, you are hearing me correctly. There is no need to have passengers march through security naked. The controls already in place are doing their job.
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A dozen reasons for airlines to celebrate Thanksgiving

The airlines have a lot to be thankful about these days. Though airline executives are moaning, airline workers are groaning and passengers are more vocal than ever with their complaints, it could be worse. Here are 12 things that the airlines can be thankful for in 2009. Some issues are good for both the airlines and the passengers, however, it is the passengers who are still getting the short end of the stick.
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