Are full body scans really the answer to airline security?

Are full body scanners the answer when it come to averting potential terrorist attacks when going through airport security?
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The unofficial guide to traveling in 2010

Steph Ulyett’s airline ticket should have said “Stephanie” of course, but she’s always gone by Steph, so that’s the name her partner typed into Expedia when he reserved their flights to Chicago.
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Cargo, passenger demand rise in November – IATA

Cargo and passenger traffic rose in November in what may be a sign of a global economic recovery.
Passenger demand rose 2.1 percent in November compared to a year earlier and air freight climbed 9.5 percent, data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) showed Wednesday.

“Demand continues to improve, but we still have a lot of ground… to recover. We cannot anticipate any significant improvement in yields in the coming months,” said IATA CEO Giovanni Bisignani.

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Carry a torch for the New Year at a ski resort

Torchlight parades and fireworks are de rigueur for New Year’s Eve at ski resorts in the U.S. and Canada. They are fun to watch, but it’s even more fun to be part of the show – i.e. be a participant in a torchlight parade! Not all ski areas let the general public join in the trip down an unlit hill at night, but if they do, sign up now!
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I canceled my room — where’s my refund?

Elaine Farkas cancels her hotel room in Sedona, Ariz., but her credit card is charged for the night. Now her online travel agency claims she was a "no show" and refuses to refund any of the money. Is Farkas out of luck?

What we’re reading: January snow means sales, security improvements mean more oversight, jetBlue flight delayed after threat

If your holiday vacation time is flexible, people say that January is the best time to go on your winter break.
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Flying in the snow: 6 lessons for coping with winter-weather delays

Last weekend's blizzard was a warning to air travelers: Winter is only starting, and when bad weather moves in, your flight schedule isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Why I’m in no hurry for airline Wi-Fi in an “always-on” world

As computers have become laptops, and laptops have become smartphones, so has the working world become increasingly a 24-7 phenomenon.

It’s not just that most of us check email nights, weekends and on vacation, it’s that now bosses and clients expect it too. As a successful travel agent — yes, there are some of us still out there — I do answer after-hours emails when I can. I have, however, been struck by the fact that while many people still say things like “Hey, I’m thinking of this on the weekend but no rush,” or “If you happen to be online and have a few minutes,” etc, etc, that more and more people just assume emails will be answered nearly immediately. Emergency or not.

In fact, I had one email Thanksgiving evening about 10 p.m. about a proposed trip for next week (from a client who books a handful of flights a year) and then a slightly cranky followup at 9:30 a.m. Friday morning that I hadn’t sent her ideas. And a client earlier this year who sent me six emails before 7 a.m. on a Saturday, the last few incensed that not only was I not emailing her back, no one was answering the phone at our small office.

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What we’re reading: Dreamliner inovative inside and outside, Dutch plan airport scanners, Hard Rock Hotel opens all-suites tower

The Dreamliner's airframe is innovative to begin with, but inside, Boeing strived for passenger comfort with new innovations.

New draconian TSA rules do little to improve aviation safety

Ned has reviewed the new TSA rules, put into effect after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to set off an explosive device on Northwest Airlines Flight 253. Ned has concluded the rules do little to improve aviation safety, while causing passengers at best serious inconvenience, and for many real hardship.
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