Air France plans to inaugurate a low-cost carrier

Air France is planning to go head to head with Easyjet and Ryanair by inaugurating a low-cost network of domestic flights linking French cities. Air France has yet to comment. But its business model will make that Nice the base of operations and the airline won’t utilize Paris airports.

Is JetBlue taking the first step towards playing well with others?

Now, JetBlue is moving a step closer to the mainstream by joining ARC. This will make life easier both for travel agents and for their clients. Besides simpler refunds and exchanges, unused e-tickets can be traced in the system and record keeping will be much easier.

Now I know what tefillin are

Sometimes you learn things the darnedest ways. Until a USAirways LaGuardia to Louisville commuter flight was diverted to Philadelphia for an emergency, possible terrorism landing I had never heard of this word — tefillin. Evidently the flight attendant on US 3079 had never seen one either.

How long will hotels keep charging for Internet connections?

While many of the lower-cost and mid-cost hotels do not charge for Internet connections, the most expensive still are charging for connections to the Web. But the days of Internet access are numbered. The only question is when will the charges be totally eliminated.

Airline merchandising on the increase

Once upon a time, the only airline merchandising was via the airline magazines and the SkyMall catalogs. But today the airlines with their unbundling are beginning more and more merchandising.