Consumer Travel Alliance on use of Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) at airports

The Consumer Travel Alliance feels that this effort is a step in the right direction for airport and airline security. Unlike the whole-body scanners that have not been fully tested, that admittedly cannot detect many explosives in powder form or when hidden in body cavities, and that subject Americans to the indignity of a virtual strip search, ETD provides an acceptable layer of security. It is focused on explosives, it has been tested extensively over years of use, and the method is non-invasive, protecting personal dignity.

It’s good to be big on American Airlines — if you’re Giant George

After a series of stories about the travails of oversized passengers and baggage fees, now I have a story about an oversized dog sent to me by one of our contributors, Karen Cummings. (Where does she come up with these things?) She notes that Giant George, the world’s tallest dog, was treated like a king. Of course he purchased more than one seat (even though it is not American’s policy to force oversized passengers to purchase an additional seat).

2009’s Top-10 on-time U.S. airlines

Forbes has released their edited version of the U.S.A.’s top on-time airlines. These airlines are based on the same data released by DOT every month, but Forbes has limited the airlines they include to those that depart from at least 20 of the nation’s top 31 airports.