What’s next, paying by the pound?

Now that Spirit Airlines has done the unthinkable, announcing plans to begin charging for carry-on bags this summer — that’s right, carry-on bags — the question everyone seems to be asking is: What’s next?

Flights to Europe almost back to normal? Not on KLM

But this week, airlines have been indicating their planes are taking off and landing normally. As with many statements made by the airlines, the truth is somewhat in between disaster and normal traffic mode. KLM (serviced by Delta Air Lines) is still in the midst of customer service hell.

Airlines dismember airfares, airports and our air traffic control system

During the past two years, we passengers have been listening to the airlines tell us they are “unbundling” airfares piece by piece. I’ve been listening and have been appalled at their logic. When you take something that is “airfare” and unbundle it, logically its separate parts are still all pieces of the original “airfare.”

Hertz buys Dollar/Thrifty rent-a-car

In a blockbuster deal that is sure to have significant effects on the consumer rental car market, Hertz has bought Dollar/Thrifty in a $1.2 billion takeover. Hertz will regain its title as the largest rental car firm with this buyout.