A day to take pause and say thank you!

On this Memorial Day, Ned Levi discusses visiting three war memorials, The Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier, Pearl Harbor, and Omaha Beach, and gives thanks to our service men and women for their sacrifices.
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What we’re reading: National Parks for free, international travel drives merger, GE jet engine inspection

U.S. National Parks free next weekend, Long-haul travel drives merger bid, NTSB urges jet engine inspection

K.I.S.S. the airport staff

This Memorial weekend, millions of people are rushing throughout airports all around the world. There will be obstacles, delays and cancellations. There will undoubtedly be disappointments, but if we look close enough, there will also be sweet, subtle surprises.
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What we’re watching: Hearst Castle, Boontling, world’s smallest gallery

Here is a collection of Jules and Effin Older's quirky videos, all with a travel bent. Naturally, he is traveling around the same neck of the woods where he lives, so these spots are all in the San Francisco area, more or less. He visits Hearst Castle, takes a look at a secret local language and visits the world's smallest gallery.

Weekend what we’re reading: Woman left on plane asleep, more travelers over Memorial Day, EU lost baggage rules

Woman left on plane asleep sues United Airlines, more travelers are hitting the road and flying over Memorial Day, EU lost baggage rules enforced by courts

The most congested national park in America is …

Of the top 10 most visited National Parks, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho have the longest individual traffic jams, with 3.5 and 2.8 miles respectively, it found.

For a happier travel experience, sometimes you’ve got to stop listening to your friends

Janice tells us that lots of travel planning information is a good thing, though it can be difficult and confusing. B, the worst difficulties and confusion come from listening to friends.
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We’ve all heard of the no-fly list, now TSA has a no-jerk list

The public just found out about a top secret list maintained by TSA, perhaps more secret and subjective than the classified lists maintained by the FBI. TSA is making a list of passengers they consider jerks. Is a list too far?

What we’re reading: Universal studios reopens, Continental first U.S. airline to get 787, FAA awards $4 billion for NextGen

Universal studios reopens in Hollywood, Continental/United will be the first U.S. airline to get Boeing's 787, FAA awards $4 billion for NextGen

CBP, TSA provide reminders and travel tips to summer travelers

In anticipation of the summer travel season, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) joined efforts to provide travel tips to summer travelers.