Car-rental craziness: 6 odd rules and how to steer clear of them

Like airlines, car rental companies don’t think twice about changing your rate. Except that they sometimes raise the price after you’ve driven off the lot.

Is a travel bargain that saves you money but takes advantage of others really a bargain?

Where the "over-the-line" shopping comes into play, however, is when bargain hunting takes advantage of other people's time.
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What we’re reading: Two Vegas casinos host fireworks, new anti-icing rules, 787 flights resume

Two Las Vegas casinos to host fireworks show, new anti-icing rules for new aircraft, 787 test flights resumes

Reminder to summer travelers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Canada Border Services Agency

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have joined efforts to remind summer travelers of document requirements to travel into both countries.

Would you pay a fee to avoid paying a fee? American Airlines thinks so

I’m not making this up, folks. American is allowing you to pay a fee to avoid paying a fee.

5 tips for summer air-travel weather delays

While summer may seem like a safer time to travel, there are a number of weather issues that can seriously impact a trip, some on a regular basis. Certain airports seem to have chronic problems.
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Rep. John Mica’s Op-Ed on TSA: Bogged down in bureaucracy

Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) is the ranking member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Here is his op-ed regarding the bureaucratic inefficiencies in the TSA. This was initially published in Politico.

What we’re reading: Unions and Delta, UA, CO pilots criticize management, cheap hotel room upgrades

Unions and Delta cleared to vote on representation, UA, CO pilots criticize management for intrangience, cheap hotel room upgrades

“The Rules” for perfect houseguests

Karen Fawcett lays down the law for house guests who tend to descend during the summer months. She has an apartment in Paris that seems especially desirable for friends plannng a short stay in France's capital.

Travel insurance, travel waiver? Why sometimes the difference can save a trip

When their child got sick only hours before a big trip, this family not only had travel insurance, they had something that turned out to be a trip saver, the tour operator's travel waiver-insurance package.
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