Philadelphia “Welcomes America.” Join the nation’s birthday party!

Ned Levi invites us to his hometown, Philadelphia, for its Independence week, Welcome America celebration this week. He discusses the array of things to do and places to see in 21st century Philadelphia.
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What we’re reading: M&M World Las Vegas, 787 tests halted, SWA pushes for 737 replacement

M&M World Las Vegas expanding, 787 tests halted, SWA COO pushes for narrowbody replacement

Chris Elliott’s series on the DOT proposed rulemaking — the most complete overview available on the Web

Chris Elliott has written this series of posts in order to make sense of the Transportation Department’s (DOT's) proposed rules and offer the most informed feedback during its commenting period.
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One airline — two airfares — the not-quite-yet merger of Midwest and Frontier

Frontier flight 492 on August 8 from Los Angeles to Milwaukee cost $425. But the SAME FLIGHT — booked as Midwest "operated by Frontier" — $192. (I only discovered this while trying to find any cheaper alternative.) But, aren't these the same airline?
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Bidding for bumping: How much moolah would entice you to be “voluntarily” bumped?

Just after the announced Department of Transportation (DOT) proposed rulemaking on denied boarding compensation among other consumer issues, the Wall Street Journal suggested that perhaps an auction of sorts be used to determine which passengers are "bumped."

What we’re reading: Harry Potter ride not for riders of size, stupid business travelers, JFK runway partially reopened

Harry Potter ride not for riders of size, Stupid things business travelers have done, JFK main runway to partially reopen

The hard facts about the peanuts-on-a-plane rule everyone’s talking about

Ban peanuts? Really? That’s the first reaction I get when I mention the final, and perhaps the most ridiculed, of the Transportation Department’s proposed new rules. Seriously — why would the government do away with peanuts on a plane?

YADA, YADA… American Airlines’ latest customer service response

Could the pendulum finally be swinging back for airport customer service? Yesterday, I wrote about Delta Airlines actually increasing airport customer service agents. Now. American is making their move.
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Why do airlines want to hide their fees and make air travel as complicated as possible?

Why, for the life of me, do airlines insist on keeping their fees as secret as possible? Almost 70 percent of the American public purchase airline tickets through travel agents and online. Airlines are effectively hiding their fees from these passengers.

What we’re reading: Tarmac delay in Connecticut, Smaller hubs suffer after merger, SkyTeam plans expansion

Chaos at Connecticut airport, Smaller hubs may not have a chance after merger, SkyTeam eyes further expansion