Photos: Partnach Gorge near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

A hidden gorge in the mountains surrounding Germany's Alpine capital, Garmisch.

Did the airline industry fund controversial tarmac delay study?

A new study by a team of aviation consultants, which claims the government’s new tarmac delay rule will cost the flying public $3.9 billion during the next two decades, is making waves in the aviation industry and beyond. Is it self-serving airline propaganda?

Do tour operators understand their own insurance? – A Club Med saga

What happens when the tour operator and their insurance agents don't understand their own policies?
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DOT rulemaking — here’s our take on expanded tarmac delay rules

The Consumer Travel Alliance strongly supports DOT's rulemaking proposals regarding extension of tarmac-delay rules across the entire airline transportation spectrum. These additional regulations will make these tarmac rules apply across the entire air transportation network.

What we’re reading: AA’s new iPhone app, domestic airfares rise, Shanghai Air to leave Star Alliance

American launches new iPhone app, domestic airfares rise in first quarter, Shanghai Air to leave Star Alliance

Photos: Summer in Valais, Switzerland

Photos from spectacular Switzerland during a perfect summer.

Is the government letting airlines off easy? Let’s do the math

Is the Department of Transportation starting to go soft on airlines? Where are the fines this so far this year?

Airline business booming, consumers getting short end of the stick

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced this week, that "international traffic on North American airlines grew nearly 11 percent in June." At the same time virtually every airline reported earnings surprises to the upside in this still troubled economy.

Travel is broadening – especially with “all you can eat” passes

At the same time we're talking about combating obesity, "All-You-Can-Eat" travel deals are proliferating.
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What we’re reading: Delta increases DC service, UAL, CO name management team, less waiting at JFK

Delta increases Washington service, UAL, Continental name management team, less waiting, more flying at JFK