Oops we did it again. United misplaces a child in Chicago

Less than two months after Delta Airlines accidentally swapped unaccompanied minors connecting at Minneapolis, United Air Lines simply forgot about a child connecting in Chicago.
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Ticket? Check. Bag? Check. Insurance? Pre-check.

Forcing travelers to opt out of a purchase when they’re buying a ticket or a hotel room isn’t new. But the volume of complaints Chris Elliott has received about pre-checking is on the rise, as is the number of well-known travel companies engaged in this questionable e-commerce practice.

What we’re reading: Woman loses hearing on Qantas, Air Berlin to join oneworld, Lufthansa seeks savor in the skies

Woman loses sense of hearing on Qantas, Air Berlin to join oneword, Lufthansa seeks savor in the skies

A car rental conundrum: What would you do with this case?

Amy and Kevin Roeder are stuck with a $1,600 bill from Thrifty Car Rental for damage they say they didn’t do. Thrifty insists they’re responsible, and isn’t backing down. And now I’m stuck, too. What do I do next?

5 foreign travel mistakes no one thinks they’ll make – but they do.

He knew about being careful with the water, except that he forgot about brushing his teeth. Suffice it to say, a week of the trip was not as pleasant as he had hoped.
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The tourists are here. Do you put on your best manners?

It's summer and if you live in a place where tourists gravitate, you can't help but encounter some people who ask some very dumb questions. If they're from a different country, they may not even speak your language. Nor will you speak theirs.

What we’re reading: Alaska flies 737-700 RNP, unconventional travel tips, biofuel in aviation

Alaska operates 737-700 RNP, unconventional travel tips, optimism grows over use of biofuel in aviation

No planes, no jetways, no maintenance facilities … is it an airline?

There are a lot of pieces to the airline puzzle, but almost none of them are now owned by airlines. The modern "airline" is more of a management company that owns as few assets (such as planes) as possible.

Late check-out isn’t rocket science, or is it?

Janice Hough asks, "Why, with so many computer systems reporting everything from moved mini-bar cans to missing towels, can't hotels develop a better system for late check-outs?"
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The iPhone 4: Business traveler pleasure or plague ?

For the business traveler, their communication capability, when away from home, is essential, whether on business or vacation. Ned Levi discusses whether or not the new iPhone 4 is a capable communication tool for the business traveler today.
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