Ticket? Check. Bag? Check. Insurance? Pre-check.

Forcing travelers to opt out of a purchase when they’re buying a ticket or a hotel room isn’t new. But the volume of complaints Chris Elliott has received about pre-checking is on the rise, as is the number of well-known travel companies engaged in this questionable e-commerce practice.

The tourists are here. Do you put on your best manners?

It’s summer and if you live in a place where tourists gravitate, you can’t help but encounter some people who ask some very dumb questions. If they’re from a different country, they may not even speak your language. Nor will you speak theirs.

The iPhone 4: Business traveler pleasure or plague ?

For the business traveler, their communication capability, when away from home, is essential, whether on business or vacation. Ned Levi discusses whether or not the new iPhone 4 is a capable communication tool for the business traveler today.