International airlines report $3.9 billion in profits

Let’s treat airlines like profit-making entities instead of like wards of the state. If the last decade was a disaster for major airlines, the next decade is shaping up to be nirvana unless we are faced with an unexpected oil shock and a series of volcanoes.

Who owns airport slots? The American people or the airlines?

Airlines look upon landing and take-off slots as personal property. However, the airlines have not paid for these slots. They were distributed by the FAA back when the airspace was wide-open and air-traffic problems were not even envisioned. They belong to the public, not the airlines.

U.S. traveler credit card woes in Europe are increasing

Ned Levi explores the problems US travelers are having using their magnetic stripe technology based US credit cards in Europe, which uses “chip and pin” technology, and what plans, if any, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express have to mitigate their US cardholders’ problems who travel internationally.

Continental / United merger approved by DOJ

The best chance of stopping the merger of giants Continental and United Airlines is gone. The same department that two years ago recommended against allowing these two airlines to for an airline alliance with antitrust immunity, just approved a full merger. Go figure.

LIFE IS A TRIP: The Transformative Magic of Travel

What is travel and what is tourism? For me, tourism is seeing the world from behind glass—in a hotel, a bus, a restaurant. You go to another country, and watch the people from a safe distance, while you check off sites in a guidebook. Travel means, above all, that you interact with people and experience […]