Photos: Architecture of Dusseldorf blended with upcoming fall festival

Photographer Craig DeThomas went to Dusseldorf to visit old friends. Now, this town is not one of the touristic stops of most American travelers, but the city is rich with industry and history and is forward looking. It’s architecture is striking and changes Craig’s normal search for the quaint and historic into an eye for modern building statements.

Peak travel fees now in effect for 23% of the rest of the year

This peak travel fee is a fee that most people don’t even know they are paying. It is really hidden and included right in the airfare, like the transportation excise tax. But, travelers will notice it when prices vary by $30 to $60 from day to day. It could be the peak travel fee.

A journey through hallowed ground

A few weeks ago, I went on the newly-established Journey Through Hallowed Ground– that spans Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland, and extends roughly from Gettysburg to Monticello–and I learned more in 11 days and 180 miles than I did in all my schooling.

English and dollars — why American travelers have it easy.

Even in countries where change is more of an issue, I have been amazed over the years at how many merchants say “Dollars okay,” even in relatively small towns. And, it seems, I can always find someone who speak at least broken English.