Airline passengers, the rights of Medieval serfs

Airline passengers have been treated as if they are Medieval serfs. Hopefully the new DOT focus on enforceable consumer protections will find its way into customer service plans and contracts of carriage of every airline that serves customers in the U.S. whether they are domestic carriers or foreign.
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Buh-bye, bag fees? What the Southwest-AirTran merger really means for passengers

Christopher Elliott takes a wait and see attitude when it comes to the Southwest/AirTran merger. He is not euphoric or wary, just waiting to see what happens with prices and whether the consumer darling stays a sweetheart in the end.
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6 reasons why Southwest-Airtran may not be a done deal

Janice Hough gives readers six reasons that the Southwest/ArTran merger will not be a slam dunk. There are issues to be worked out and problems on the horizon. There is probably a good reason that Southwest is talking about the airlines being fully integrated in about two years.
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Southwest-AirTran? What about fees? First class? Who should worry?

Christopher Miuse, the CEO and founder of TruPrice.net, one of the pioneers of airline fee tracking, has his own ideas about what the Southwest/AirTran merger will mean for the industry. He is not buying the Southwest line that they will remain a no-baggage-fee, single-class, open-seating airline after the merger with AirTran. He says the no-baggage-fee mantra will stay, but everything else may and probably will change. Plus, he adds an end-of-the-post shocker.
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What we’re reading: Vdara’s death ray, Wi-fi taking off, first-class meals

Vdara's death ray caused by windows that reflect the sun. Wi-fi taking off but slowly. First-class meals are still great but are they worth the cost?
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Believe it or not, the travel industry still cares about you

While it may seem customer service is dead and that people in the travel industry don’t care about your needs, there are moments of compassion. Some in the travel industry still get it — and still have a heart.
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9 basics I expect when staying in a hotel

Please post what you expect and want to find when you stay in a hotel. Perhaps some people who work in the hospitality industry will read your responses and take them to heart. We can hope.
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A soldier gets called-up, his family loses their Christmas cruise cabin

On cruise lines, the "minimum occupancy" issue is just one more thing in a long list of cruise line fine print. But, it can become a real issue as a family found out when one of their party was called up to the reserves for service.
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Merger shocker: Southwest to buy AirTran Airways

Southwest Airlines shocked the airline world with an announcement that it had agreed to acquire AirTran Holdings for $1.4 billion in cash and stock. This is a merger that few pundits saw coming. Southwest gets a big foothold in Atlanta and take-off and landing slots in slot-controlled airports.
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Oh my! I can’t remember where I took that photo!

Have you ever come home from a vacation and failed to identify many of your photos from your travels? It's a common occurrence. Ned Levi has a number of techniques and methods to help you identify your travel photographs, and easily enable your photos for mapping on a map capable online gallery.
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