5 tips to avoid the chaos of French strikes

When the French strike, they can cause travel chaos and do. Their motto — Strike first and then negotiate. There have been recent transportation stoppages in some parts of the country, while the French unions have been striking against raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. Here are tips from the front lines.

“This seems more like fraud to me”

Ken Smith isn’t the only person affected by the untimely demise of Cruise West. But he thought he wouldn’t be in the same boat as the other stranded passengers. After all, he had travel insurance.

The latest critic of TSA — BA’s CEO

Long before Al Qaeda even existed, Great Britain had become unfortunately all too familiar with modern terrorism. Besides the IRA’s regular attacks, there was the horrible Lockerbie Pan Am bombing, so it’s not as if the country is naive about the potential dangers. Their airline is giving TSA low marks.

Things your flight attendant won’t tell you

Readers Digest published a story about “50 secrets your pilot won’t tell you.” Now the flight attendants have their turn. Here are some insights from the same magazine letting passengers know what flight attendants have to say about them and some lessons.