What we’re reading: Japan-US open skies, Big Sur food and wine festival, regional airline standards

Japan, US moves closer to open skies, Big Sur food and wine festival, regionals safety standards

San Fran dining app creator has beef with Michelin

Michelin and my San Francisco Restaurants app are looking for different things. They reward elegance and meticulousness. We go for the places San Franciscans like us love.
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3 potential problems with early holiday travel bookings

Much is made this time of year of the dangers of procrastinating in booking holiday travel. Admittedly, it's definitely easier and almost always cheaper to start early. But that doesn't mean early bookers avoid all reservation issues.
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Paying up front for rental car nicks and scratches

It's becoming more and more common to find rental car companies pocketing the deposit when their cars are damaged.

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Cathay Pacific wants your dessert, Tour ops see bargain seekers, Delta defers Dreamliner order

Decimal point error changes restaurant bill to €2,190 — Bank of America says “too bad”!

Bank of America cards offer total security protection that guarantee fraud monitoring and something it calls “zero liability” for customers. Well maybe not.

National Federation of the Blind files suit against United Airlines

Just as United and Continental Airlines can begin settling down into their new corporate nuptials, they get blindsided by the blind for not providing accessible check-in kiosks. Here is the story from the National Federation of the Blind's point of view.
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Kwikchex vs. Tripadvisor — fighting malicious negative reviews

Even those of us who take Tripadvisor with a grain (or more) of salt, still tend to look at it from time to time.

Not only is the review site the largest in the business, Tripadvisor is often the only site that provides any reviews many smaller hotel properties, which means even travel agents with access to paid reviews like “Star Service” use TripAdvisor as an information source.

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What we’re reading: Cellphones OK, pilot fatigue rules loophole, Sands marketing deal

It's ok to use your cellphone, pilot fatigue rules loophole, Sands, IHG ink marketing deal

4 new TSA holiday travel hassles

If airline passengers are feeling hassled by the never-ending stream of airline hidden fees that are driving up their travel costs for the holidays and planes that are more crowded than ever, they now have another boogieman, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) making holiday travel more of a hassle.
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