With a little help from TSA, 2011 could be a flat year for travel

“I’m torn about whether I’ll travel more next year or not,” says Jeff Cohen, a stock trader from Austin, Tex. “I tend to go on a couple of large trips a year and was planning a major trip for the first half of 2011, to somewhere exotic. But the recent TSA crackdown has me rethinking that.”
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Bowl games and holidays, why don’t airlines add flights?

As college football nears its bowl season, many commentators are discussing the fact that bowl committees make decisions based on how a team’s fans travel. Whether you agree or disagree with that rationale, from a profit or even breakeven perspective, they have a point. No one wants to hold a game in a half-empty stadium.

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Zagat’s 2010 Airline Survey results — Who made them mad at their customers?

As consumers gear up for the holiday travel season, Zagat released the results of its 2010 airline survey today. The survey covers 16 domestic and 74 international airlines, as well as 30 major domestic airports.
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What we’re reading: CityCenter design issue, shareholders approve BA-Iberia merger, JetBlue ranks number one

CityCenter design issue, shareholders approve BA-Iberia merger, JetBlue ranks number one CityCenter effective streetscape design, shareholders approve BA-Iberia merger, JetBlue ranks number one for in-flight entertainment
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AA’s direct connect gambit and why it matters to consumers

According to AA, they want travel agents to allow the airline to better serve the traveling public. Hold onto your wallets and don't fall for this AA scam. It may be a battle between inside-the-airline-world corporations at the moment, but it will have dire consequences for consumers if AA is permitted to evade competitive pricing in the name of personalization.
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American Express – “Support Small Business” (as long as they don’t compete with us)

A recent ad campaign by Amex touts its assistance to small businesses. However, anyone who works or has worked for independent travel agencies knows American Express not only doesn't try to support these small businesses, they try to put them out of business.
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6 secrets car rental companies don’t want you to know

I’ve been corresponding with a former car rental employee, and he’s shared some remarkable insights into the business that might help you make a more informed decision the next time you rent a car.

What we’re reading: Southwest free holiday photos, Air France search continues, Qatar Air may buy Airbus planes

Southwest helps families with free holiday photos, search for Air France continues, Qatar Air may buy Airbus planes

Weekend what we’re reading: Delta Queen comeback, epic western snow, pilots happy and mad

A change in House Transportation leadership means a possible Delta Queen comeback, epic western snow mean great early-season conditions, AirTran pilots happy, CO/UA pilots disgruntled
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Weekend survey: Do you plan to travel more in 2011?

Planning to go somewhere next year?
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