If Santa granted travel wishes — what’s yours?

For many of us, one of the highlights of Christmas past was sitting on Santa’s lap, and asking for dream wishes. Most of us still have the wishes, even if we don’t stand in line to see Santa, and even if we don’t really expect to get them anymore.

Passengers pay airlines when plans change. Why not the reverse?

Anyone who travels has been there at some point. After locking in a nonrefundable ticket, something happens and the ticket needs to be changed. Sometimes, airlines change schedules. It’s unfair how passengers are penalized and airlines let themselves off scot-free.

10 statements TSA Chief John Pistole could have made to show America he cares

On the eve of the busiest travel day of the year, faced with a traveler revolt like no other seen in the history of the U.S., dealing with congressmen who say his organization is going too far in patting down the genitals of the American public, John Pistole, Chief of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), had a press conference that answered none of the pressing questions Americans need answered.