I rented a clunker — now they want my cash

When I returned the car, I was told that I had damaged it. I was speechless, since there was no way the car could have been damaged in any way while it was in my possession. Later, I received a bill for $775 from Enterprise. I did not damage the car. What can I do?

“The bloated bureaucratic … TSA is not what Congress intended”

Rather than trying to perform all security functions itself — operator, administrator, auditor and regulator — TSA would better invest its time and efforts by focusing on individuals who pose threats, elevating intelligence and setting standards that address current security risks.

Airports jammed, phone lines jammed

This latest bout with the weather on the East Coast has highlighted the problems of running airlines at capacity without factoring in weather as an element. It has also shined a spotlight on airlines’ telephone support operations that were overwhelmed first, with requests for cancellations and changes to avoid the mess, then with passengers stuck at airports looking for a way home.

Travelers say they’ll skip the airport and hit the road in 2011

When the Consumer Travel Alliance asked what mode of transportation they planned to use in 2011, most respondents indicated they would stay the course by cruising, driving, flying and using mass transport roughly the same as they did in 2010. However, a significant number of travelers said they intended to fly less and drive more.

What’s an “extra section?” Another reason to use a travel agent

Flights from snow-bound Boston to the West Coast were filled. Some were told that they couldn’t get home ’till New Years. Except United did have a flight, today, December 28, that was wide open yesterday evening, from Boston to San Francisco, flight 9795, nonstop at 3:15 p.m. It was on-time. But, she never heard of it. It was an “Extra Section.”