“Everything is objectively better than it was two years ago, particularly in the aviation environment”

When Christopher Elliott heard from Janet Napolitano, “Everything is objectively better than it was two years ago, particularly in the aviation environment,” he was stunned.
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What we’re reading: SWA CEO calls for fuel efficiency, 747-8F makes progress, E-butler application

SWA CEO calls for more fuel efficiency on 737 engines, 747-8F makes progress, E-butler phone application

Celebrating New Year in the snow

Whether you’re a skier (or a ’boarder) or not, consider heading to a ski resort if you want to join in an all-out New Year’s Eve celebration. Skiing is such a competitive business, resorts pull out all the stops to attract people during the Christmas to New Year’s holiday week and this includes extravagant parties, fantastic entertainers, fun child-focused activities, and spectacular fireworks each New Year’s Eve.

Why just avoiding the “worst” winter-weather airports may not be enough

Christmas may be over, but winter weather travel disasters are probably just beginning. So far this season, London Heathrow has been basically shut for a few days, and the New York area airports are just thinking about reopening after more than a 24-hour closure. Sometimes there is simply just too much snow.
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Tarmac-delay rules and proactive airline weather cancellations

The real reason airlines can cancel flights prior to snowstorms is because of new technology and new communications tools that allows them to reach their customers like the never could in the days of yore, two years ago.
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Blizzard causes travel havoc, how to rebook, AirAsia boss may buy Virgin Atlantic

Deck-chair wars: When so many cruisers turn into Mr. (and Mrs.) Hydes

Some people avoid the sun because of skin cancer dangers or personal preference. Others don't even like the sun. Plus, most ships, even the older ones without bells and whistles, have plenty of indoor activities, including, of course, eating. But, cruise ships are known for deck-chair wars. Is there a solution?
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TSA screening — the best-known technoloogy and procedures against our current threat

I do not like nor do I enjoy the current TSA screening procedures. But I think they are the best available option that the TSA has at present to protect the flying public.
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Extreme winter-weather photography

While extreme winter weather photography is challenging, the photographic opportunities during such weather are amazing and often beautiful. Ned Levi discusses how you can meet those challenges in order to capture amazing winter photographs.
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What we’re reading: Disney Dream’s water coaster, cruise ports expanding, 787 new tests

Disney Dream's water coaster, cruise ports expanding, 787 resumes flight testing