NCL’s undercover CEO makes changes after TV “demotion”

NCL’s chief executive went undercover and performed several menial jobs, including laboring for hours to set up a fake ice skating rink. Now he’s taking those lessons to heart after returning to the executive suite. Among the changes he’s made is getting rid of the ice skating rink, according to the Miami Herald.

Do some parents expect too much of airlines?

Janice Hough has some words of wisdom for families traveling together. Plan ahead, get seat reservations early and don't depend on airline generosity to make up for your problems.
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How will TSA react this time?

Ned Levi examines TSA security in light of last week's suicide bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport in its arrivals hall, and suggests how TSA might best react to the bombing.
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What we’re reading: JFK and EWR need to expand, hologram staff in UK, JetBlue adds fuel surcharges

JFK and EWR need to expand, hologram staff help in Manchester Airport in UK, JetBlue adds fuel surcharges to the Caribbean

What you should do if you are in or traveling to Egypt

Tourists in Cairo are being advised to remain in their hotels and not get involved in the demonstrations. Stay away from the U.S. Embassy since it's situated where many of the protests are taking place. The American government announced this morning it will arrange flights to Europe for U.S. citizens who are currently in Egypt.
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Weekend what we’re reading: Stowaway plans to sue, tighter terrorist watchlists, glamour in the skies?

What we're reading — Dead stowaway plans to sue due to poor security that allow their son to climb into an airplane wheelwell, changes to the terrorist watchlist, and the life of a flight attendant isn't full of glamour.
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What we’re watching: Best time to buy air tickets, barbershop quartets, Shenandoah

Here is timely information about the best days to purchase airline tickets, a video of one of the top barbershop quartets in the country followed by Shenandoah sung by the world champion chorus.
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Help! American Airlines stranded me in Dallas

What happens when an airline makes a mistake and then charges you for their mistake? It can be a mess when the charges amount to almost $800. Chris Elliott helps sort out the problem.

All legacy carriers make millions in 2010 except AA

The airline world isn't suffering. Every major airline in the country is making millions and millions of dollars, except for American Airlines, that seems on a self-destructive Quixotic mission to change the travel world.
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Weekend survey: What matters most to you in an airline ticket?

This weekend’s survey is a little different. I want to know what you want the most in an airline ticket, and have compiled a short list of the qualities I think you’ll want to choose from.

But since surveys can’t possibly include every option, I’ve also added a write-in section where you can add a characteristic that I may have missed.

Here’s why I’m asking: Airlines claim they know what we want. They say we only care about one thing — a low base fare. Everything else is secondary.

I wonder if that’s true.