What we’re reading: New Vegas nightclub, Dreamliner will be delivered, new class of cruise ships

New Chateau nightclub at Paris in Las Vegas, Dreamliner and 747-8 will be delivered this year, new class of cruise ships being planned

In with the new owners, out with the old reservations – what are your rights?

What are your rights when a hotel cancels your reservation, leaving you room-less? And to what extent is your travel agent responsible for finding you alternate accommodations?

4 things to consider before paying a co-pay for an upgrade

Janice Hough gives us four things to think about before booking a discounted ticket and requesting an upgrade with frequent flier miles.
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2010 travel stats — busiest travel weeks, top destinations in U.S. and abroad, top airline routes

2010 Stats — Even with all of the bad headlines and steady stream of problems, Las Vegas stayed at the top of the destination list. Cancun was tops for international travel. London topped the European travel category. And the top airline route in the U.S. was New York-Chicago.
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What we’re reading: AA/Sabre truce, Allegiant dispatchers reject union, no Aegean/Olympic merger

AA & Sabre call truce on distribution battle, Allegiant dispatchers reject union in vote, EU blocks Aegean/Olympic merger

3 travel trends for 2011 from Orbitz

When looking into a crystal ball, it helps to have data from hundreds of thousands of users to see trends in the market. Orbitz may not have a crystal ball but does have in-house industry experts who sift through millions of bytes of data that have helped determine three travel trend predictions for 2011.
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Travelers need fast, free Internet connections — why can’t they get it?

If there’s one thing that all of the destinations have shown me — from Northwest’s Florida’s Beaches of South Walton to Castaway Cay in the Bahamas, where I am now — it is this: There’s no such thing as too much Internet connectivity.

Five travel mistakes that even experienced travelers can make.

Every frequent traveler learns, no matter how experienced, that everyone eventually makes mistakes. Fortunately most of them are the kind of things that can be laughed off later.
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Begging the airlines for basics, “Let us know your total prices”

Why don't the airlines try something very basic — tell us the prices, all of them for every service, and let us figure out what we want to pay for and where we want to fly. It is not rocket science from a consumer's point of view.
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What we’re reading: Dirtiest hotels, airlines question new aircraft, Air France looks at safety

America's dirtiest hotels, airlines take wait and see attitude regarding new aircraft, Air France acknowledges safety recommendations