The Travel Troubleshooter: No refund for my Colorado condo?

May Tong had to cancel her reservation almost a month before she was supposed to arrive. The company refunded the sales taxes and linen charges of $69 out of the prepaid $965. But it kept $896 for the rental. Can she get her money back?
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Cruise safety and personal responsibility

Ned Levi examines shipboard crime for cruisers in light of recent cases of sexual assault aboard cruise ships, and how cruisers might take personal responsibility for their safety by using awareness, "streetsmarts," and commonsense.
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What we’re reading: Alaska Air announces new partner, Caesars Palace seeks funding, new Las Vegas airline

Alaska Air announces new partner — SkyWest, Caesars Palace seeks funding for new tower, new Las Vegas airline to add new flavor to Vegas' JFK route

What we’re watching: Johnny Jet at Thai Marriott, scariest path in the world, In my arms

In this series of videos, Johnny Jet takes us to the Marriott at Khao Lak in Thailand with its spectacular pool and nearby beach bargains. Karen Cummings uncovered an oldie but goodie video about the scariest path in the world. And here's a video by a young Korean who visited personal shrines around the world.
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Room77.com — a “Seatguru” for hotel rooms?

Many frequent travelers and most good travel agents who book airline tickets have become very familiar with Seatguru.com. While not perfect, the site gives seat maps of most aircraft with major carriers and points out particularly good and bad seats on the plane. Is there room for a site that attempts to do the same for hotel rooms?
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Crunch time in Washington for passenger rights and fee transparency

We are entering the endgame for the proposed passenger rights regulations and for Congressional action to mandate airline fee transparency. Nothing is set in stone at this time. Department of Transportation (DOT) activities with the rulemaking evidently have been moved from the depths of the department to the Secretary's office and will be sent to the Office of Management and Budget. The FAA bill is moving through Congress.
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What we’re reading: FAA clears SWA/AirTran transition, B737 makeover, jet fuel tax break

FAA clears SWA/AirTran transition as merger nears, B737 makeover, tax breaks on jet fuel may be extended

Remarks before the ABA Forum on Air and Space Law

Yesterday, I spoke before the American Bar Associaton Forum on Air & Space Law update conference in Washington, DC. I was part of a panel discussing airline consumer rights and the state of the industry after the tarmac-delay rules. I was part of the panel because I have been clear about my belief that there is far more to passenger rights than simply tarmac-delays.
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Are you traveling more after the TSA’s unpopular scandowns?

Sometimes adding putting facts together may come out with the wrong answer. Do you really believe that increase TSA activity has led to more Americans flying?
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If travel agents are extinct, why are Jetblue and Virgin America getting more agent friendly?

Once thought a dying breed, travel agents are making a comeback and getting respect from airlines who sought to pass them by.
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