What we’re reading: “Come on down,” aviation accident rate down, boarding pass mixup puts grandma on wrong flight

"Come on down" Price is Right on the boardwalk, aviation accident rate down to lowest levels, boarding pass mixup puts grandma on wrong flight

Ridiculous or not? I arrived at the airport on time, but I missed my flight

What happens when you arrive at the airport but the airline staffing is so low that you end up missing your flight, or TSA's security faces a meltdown with the same result of missing a flight? Christopher Elliott takes a look at a recent case that focuses on just that.

The Travel Troubleshooter: Can I redo my Disney vacation, please?

I recently booked a vacation package to Disneyland through Southwest Vacations, but I mistakenly entered the wrong date — September instead of December. We were away when the tickets were delivered, and I didn’t notice the error until it was too late. We were considered “no-shows” for our vacation.
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What to do and not to do when setting out on a nine-hour-long drive

Rules for a roadtrip from Karen Fawcett. When Spring break comes, do you take off with the family on an adventure. If so, here are some tips to keep from driving into a disaster.
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What we’re reading: Alaska rep refuses pat-down, vibrating cockpit seat, AA buys new 777

Alaska rep refuses pat-down and decides to take boat back home, vibrating cockpit seat may keep pilots awake, AA buys new 777 for long haul

Selling a travel item, souvenir or gift card? With Ebay and Paypal, it’s “seller beware”

If selling something on eBay and getting paid by paypal is your method of getting rid of unwanted gift cards or travel souvenirs, beware. Paypal can take the money back if you deal with a dishonest buyer. Seller beware!
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What we’re reading: 737 should get new engines, Virgin Atlantic bid, Reno-Tahoe to update baggage claim

re-engineered 737 should get new engines, Delta-Air France-KLM plan for Virgin Atlantic bid, Reno-Tahoe to update baggage claim look and feel
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Will this be the year for passenger rights?

The government wants to require airlines to include all required fees in the advertised price of its tickets, instead of breaking out each surcharge and creating the illusion of a cheaper fare. It would like more airlines to adopt contingency plans for lengthy tarmac delays, to report more data on delays and to notify customers promptly of delays.

Middle-East tourism, a time to pause until order is restored

As I scanned the newspapers of the world on the Web, I couldn't help but think that it may be prudent to delay any planned trips to the Middle East. Those with legitimate business reasons for going, or government work might want to risk the problems. However, normal tourists are probably not exercising good judgment if they insist on traveling through these areas today.
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What would you do? They confiscated my $70 bottle of cognac, and I want it back

What happens when your $70 bottle of Remy purchased duty-free in LA is confiscated by Heathrow security during a transfer to Scotland? Though assurances were given that duty-free liquor could be transferred at Heathrow, security had a different idea.
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