United quietly rolls out mileage program changes for June — too quietly?

Airlines love big splashy advertisements when they roll out new service and when they are offering fare sales. But when they raise fares, add fees or change mileage programs (usually to the detriment of consumers), somehow that's not a priority communication. The latest mileage-program changes from the United-Continental merger are no different.
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Are we facing dynamic airline fees? Regulators examining new DOT rulemaking raise questions

Yesterday, representatives of the Consumer Travel Alliance, Consumers Union, National Consumers League and Consumer Federation of America met with the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to discuss the new DOT rulemaking that when released in the next 60-or-so days will create a new set of regulations that will change the passenger-rights landscape more than any government act since deregulation.
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What we’re reading: Ryanair adds compensation fee, FAA studies windshield fires, patdown was more like ‘fondling’

Ryanair adds compensation fee to pay for regulations, FAA studies windshield fires, TSA patdown was more like 'fondling' than frisking

On Spirit Airlines, don’t dilly-dally paying for luggage. It will cost you. I’ve had enough

If you are a procrastinator, don't fly Spirit. If you don't want to pay for the permission of carrying your rollaboard on a Spirit flight, don't book the flight. If you want a rock-bottom airfare, maybe Spirit is the airline for you. But, make sure to figure in all of the extra fees.
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“A plague on both your houses.” Fed up with BA’s continuing labor issue and strikes

BA and their unions are at it again. Strike threats are flying. Both the company and the flight crews have no interest in their passengers. They seem so intent on making problems for each other, they forget the poor travelers who are paying their salaries.
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Enterprise pulls cars from Orbitz after dispute

Enterprise Holdings, which owns and operates the largest fleet of rental cars in the world under the Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car brands, will announce today that it is ending its relationship with Orbitz.com and its sister site CheapTickets.com on April 1 after “months of difficult discussions.” I asked Pam Nicholson, the president and chief operating officer of Enterprise Holdings, to explain the decision and what it means to travelers.

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Bob Crandall talks about airport security, Qantas to cut flights because of high fuel prices, travel smartphone apps only beginning

Yuupon offers a brighter future for flash sales

Mary Song is a serial travel entrepreneur and a supporter of this site, most recently with her new company, Yuupon. The site, which officially launches tomorrow, takes a different approach to flash sales — one that may be advantageous to travelers looking for a deal.

4 times you should use a travel agent for domestic tickets

Used to doing all of your travel booking? There are times when you should probably pay an agent fee, and here are four of them.
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What we’re reading: Unmanned control towers, Expedia rewards program, Embraer waits for Boeing

Unmanned control towers not unusual in many places, Expedia rewards program launches, Embraer waits for Boeing before making final aircraft plans