Anti-photography law gone mad!!!

You’re traveling in Hamilton County, Florida, and see a gorgeous farming landscape with hay bales shiny from the setting sun, and get a great photograph of the scene. Perhaps you come across a great river scene along the Indian River in Florida, with rows of orange trees in the background, and snap a photo of it. Come […]

Weekend what we’re reading: AA flight attendants backoff from strike, independent airlines thrive, sleeping air controllers

We take a look at stories that shape travel. American Airlines flight attendants have been told that a strike will probably not happen due to the economy and the weak state of AA. Independent airline find a way to thrive without belonging to alliances. Finely, an air traffic controller admits to sleeping while on duty in DC.

Weekend survey: What’s the most important air travel issue for lawmakers?

The controversial, often-delayed FAA Reauthorization bill is being debated in Washington next week. The proposed legislation covers a lot of ground, from funding NextGen air traffic technology to forcing airlines to disclose fees. This week’s big question: Which of these issues are the most important to you, the traveler?