An airport parking lot can be the smoothest part of the trip – what are your favorites?

Sometimes something as simple as an airport parking lot that works smoothly can take the edge off a hectic day and make coming home a relief.
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Anti-photography law gone mad!!!

You’re traveling in Hamilton County, Florida, and see a gorgeous farming landscape with hay bales shiny from the setting sun, and get a great photograph of the scene. Perhaps you come across a great river scene along the Indian River in Florida, with rows of orange trees in the background, and snap a photo of it.

Come this July, had a proposed law not been changed, you could have been charged with 2 counts of first degree felony photography, punishable by serious jail time, if a Florida statute became law without its proposed changes.

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What we’re reading: Saving the United States, Earth hour in Vegas, SkyTeam’s new Florida service

Saving the SS United States, Earth hour in Vegas, SkyTeam's new Florida service to London, Amsterdam and Paris

Weekend what we’re reading: AA flight attendants backoff from strike, independent airlines thrive, sleeping air controllers

We take a look at stories that shape travel. American Airlines flight attendants have been told that a strike will probably not happen due to the economy and the weak state of AA. Independent airline find a way to thrive without belonging to alliances. Finely, an air traffic controller admits to sleeping while on duty in DC.
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Weekend survey: What’s the most important air travel issue for lawmakers?

The controversial, often-delayed FAA Reauthorization bill is being debated in Washington next week. The proposed legislation covers a lot of ground, from funding NextGen air traffic technology to forcing airlines to disclose fees.

This week’s big question: Which of these issues are the most important to you, the traveler?

Reversing the more-fees trend, Crystal Cruises announces a switch to “all-inclusive”

While airlines lead the travel world in new fees, hotels and cruise lines are right behind them. Clearly the companies feel that these additional charges are good for their bottom lines. For customers, it is another story.
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What we’re reading: AirTran acquisition approved, Lufthansa resumes flights to Japan, Fire at Miami airport

AirTran acquisition by Southwest approved by stockholders, Lufthansa resumes flights to Japan, Fire at Miami airport tank farm

Stop obsessing over airfares, and buy now

“Should we book soon, or can we wait for possibly cheaper deals that might come through?”

What we’re reading: Air France food truck, SWA may add other planes, Earth Hour in Vegas

Air France pilots food truck around NY, SWA may add other planes, Earth Hour in Vegas provides a new perspective

You would think United had never canceled a flight from Hawaii before

United Airlines, the number one U.S. carrier to Hawaii, and an airline that was one of the first to the islands, had a serious mechanical delay resulting in a cancellation. You would think that it was their first time handling a cancellation!
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