Weekend what we’re reading: Miss America groped by TSA, French find flight 447 black box, canabalizing planes for parts

Miss America gets groped at a TSA checkpoint, makes a video and does the right thing — complains. Air France crash investigators found debris on the Atlantic floor. And, the airlines are turning to disassembly of planes to provide spare parts.

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Travel agents offer to help airlines weather high-fuel costs

The Business Travel Coalition has offered some helpful advice to airlines that find themselves struggling to pay fuel bills and also please their customers. Airlines are facing a potential backlash from angry customers who are fed up with increases in airfares and hidden ancillary fees. Is there a better solution?
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Trains vs. driving for vacations — for a couple not a bad deal

The summer travel season is right around the corner and with the price of gasoline climbing to unprecedented rates, many travelers are turning to travel by train across the U.S. as an affordable, relaxing alternative to travel by car or plane.
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The TSA defensive dressing-and-packing dance and security-line jig

This is part two of Karen's missive on TSA security. This time we learn how to defensively dress, pack and maneuver through TSA checkpoints. It's tough when you are considered a terrorist first and an innocent American only after being scanned and frisked.

What we’re reading: Passengers bumped for fuel, play games at JFK T5, Delta phasing out certain planes

Passengers bumped for fuel from Virgin, play Nintendo games at JFK T5, Delta phasing out inefficient planes

We’re all terrorists until proven innocent

This is the first part of a two-part article on TSA's airport security system. Karen Cummings first looks at her philosophical disagreements with TSA procedures and in the next article will deal with her defense against the TSA security machine.

Lost hotel reservation? Tips to save your room and your wallet

The travel industry has come a long way from the early days of the airline GDS reservation system, and that's particularly true with most hotel reservations. But sometimes hotel reservations seem to disappear in the cloud, so to speak.
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What we’re reading: ANA pilots enter 787 training, fixing air traffic troubles, ATC confessions

ANA pilots enter launch 787 training, fixing air traffic troubles with GPS, ATC confessions

Are new warning and tracking systems enough to make us forget about TSA agents’ misdeeds?

On Friday, the TSA announced that it will offer a tracking number for every email and phone call, which will allow travelers to “follow-up on their security concerns if necessary,” according to the agency. The system was a requirement of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007. Oh? And other news...

Thanks DOT, but we have some problems with the interim rulemaking solution

As many have heard, consumer advocates were fairly united in support of the new Department of Transportation (DOT) rulemaking that was released last Wednesday. Heck I was the set-up person for the Secretary of Transportation on Fox News and NBC telling the world that this was the biggest change in passenger protections since deregulation. But there is still much to be done when it comes to airline fee transparency and other passenger protections.
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