Travel agents offer to help airlines weather high-fuel costs

The Business Travel Coalition has offered some helpful advice to airlines that find themselves struggling to pay fuel bills and also please their customers. Airlines are facing a potential backlash from angry customers who are fed up with increases in airfares and hidden ancillary fees. Is there a better solution?

We’re all terrorists until proven innocent

This is the first part of a two-part article on TSA’s airport security system. Karen Cummings first looks at her philosophical disagreements with TSA procedures and in the next article will deal with her defense against the TSA security machine.

Thanks DOT, but we have some problems with the interim rulemaking solution

As many have heard, consumer advocates were fairly united in support of the new Department of Transportation (DOT) rulemaking that was released last Wednesday. Heck I was the set-up person for the Secretary of Transportation on Fox News and NBC telling the world that this was the biggest change in passenger protections since deregulation. But there is still much to be done when it comes to airline fee transparency and other passenger protections.