Poll: Texas vs. TSA — Texas blinks, who’s right?

This week saw an extraordinary confrontation play out between Texas legislators and the TSA. When the Texas House voted to punish TSA groping in the state, TSA threatened to stop all air transportation. Texas blinked and shelved the legislation. Should they have?

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TSA threatens Texas over groping rules, Boeing can't move 787 work from Italy, easyJet to test ash cloud effects

Business getting better, let’s cut flights — the coming airline joint-venture mantra

Travelers are facing the first summer under the total influence of the airline alliances. They are not liking it. And it is only going to be getting worse — more crowded planes, higher prices and fewer choices of routes.

Got miles? Why this might be the year for a European cruise

Some cruise lines are discounting to under $100 a day per person for an inside cabins. Others are enticing passengers with onboard credits that can top $1,000. There's a big reason for that, and it's not just the still recovering economy — it's the airfares.
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SIA to set up new low cost carrier, Virgin America begins service to Chicago, Boeing's 737 decision delayed

5 tips to minimize family airline travel chaos and parent meltdown

Plane hell — The flight attendants shushing my kids, dropped and spilled food, other irritated passengers, a sobbing toddler when I escaped to use the bathroom and getting through security with two baby carriages — 5 tips that lead to plane sanity.
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2011 Smartertravel awards

Smartertravel.com has announced their best of travel awards. These awards really mean something when a consumer-focused website spends time trying to dig out the best of the best.

Thank God for those electronic devices

When we manage to break computers with easy and face varying levels of computer frustrations under the best of circumstances, it is amazing that the Air France 447 equipment found many leagues under the sea is still useable.

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Win celebrities' baggage from JetBlue, pilot error determined in Air France crash, insane bargain on trip to Tokyo

Internet booking mistake? Why even good travel agents often can’t help you

Travel agents have control over bookings in their reservation systems. But a paid booking made directly with an airline, on their website, or by phone, cannot be accessed by an agent. The same goes for a booking from another agency, online or otherwise.