Case dismissed: Charged $183 for four hours on my rental car

When Barszczowski told the agent he’d have the car back by noon on the fourth day, she had some bad news: His reservation lasted only until 8 a.m., and the four extra hours would more than double the price of his car, to $305.

EU judge sides with passengers against airlines

In an important ruling the European Union Advocate General has held that Air France was responsible for providing compensation to passengers after their flight was canceled.

A love letter to OpenSkies

Karen Fawcett, who commutes between Paris and Washington DC, has given up chasing miles for upgrades. She has discovered OpenSkies and it lovin' it.
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What we’re reading: Turtles cause delays at JFK, MAS: No more infants in first class, shifting 787 stabilizer work

Turtles on runway cause NY flight delays

Why did the turtles cross the runways at JFK? To get to the other side to lay eggs according to authorities.
Ron Marsico, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees operation of the region’s airports, said about 150 diamondback terrapin turtles were spotted on Wednesday morning crossing Runway 4L.

Pilots from Jet Blue and other airlines halted their big birds and let the expectant reptiles pass, said Marsico.

No babies in first class? Well no chronological babies anyway.

Babies on planes? Malaysian Airlines has just banned them from First Class. Is that fair? Janice asks for your thoughts.
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With vacation travel up this summer, what are the best travel tips?

Close to 35 million Americans traveled over the Memorial Day weekend, mostly by car, according to the AAA. That’s about 100,000 travelers more than last year, which to many suggests a fairly busy summer season ahead.

Dealing with disaster Part 5 — Catastrophe basics

This is the final segment of Laura Townsend's treatise on Dealing with Disaster. She has covered everything from tsunamis to terrorism and strikes with useful tips and suggestions. This column focuses on the basics.

Canada authorities challenge the United/Air Canada joint venture, it’s about time

Finally, a competition regulatory authority has taken action against the growing airline joint ventures. Nothing more than an attempt to totally control prices, scheduling, profits and marketing of airline routes, is now getting a closer look from the Canadian Commission on Competition.
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What we’re reading: Total Rewards marketplace, official tries to block UA-Air Canada venture, 787 enters final phase of flight testing

Total Rewards marketplace from Caesar's Vegas, official tries to block UA-Air Canada joint venture, 787 enters final phase of flight testing

Girdwood, Alaska and Alyeska Resort — the yin of dirt roads and the yang of luxury

In the winter of 1993 Alyeska Resort was a cluster of low condos and single-family vacation homes at the base of what could generously be called a rustic ski resort. Today, around the bend from the old resort base area stands what is arguably Alaska's most luxurious resort.