Airlines ask for delay on price transparency, claim their own fees are too complex

The airlines are now in the position of having to sleep in the bed that they have made themselves. The Department of Transportation (DOT) in their most recent rulemaking mandated that airline itineraries include the costs for checking luggage associated with the purchased ticket. The airlines, after claiming that their airfares and fees are fully […]

Experiment: Bahamas Vacation…Unplugged

Packed with me or on my person was my iPhone, blackberry, iPad, Kindle and laptop. Some of you, I’m sure at this point, are already saying this is too much stuff, but you should know I was in the middle of some important stuff at work so I was just trying to be prepared, hence the laptop.

Weekend Poll: Is charging $5 for a boarding pass right?

Spirit Airlines has announced that on Nov. 1, it will begin charging $5 to have a boarding pass printed by a gate agent. Online check-in and airport kiosk check-in will be free until the middle of 2012 when even airport kiosk check-in will incur a dollar charge.