Big Mac world economics — not a bad way to see where currency rates are out of whack

For years, I have used the price of a Big Mac at McDonald’s as my benchmark for well-adjusted currency rates. I have always thought that if the price of a Big Mac was the same in the U.S. and in a foreign country that the exchange rates were more or less OK. If It cost more, there was probably a bad exchange and if it cost less, I’d be planning another trip.

Ridiculous or not? The ATM sucked my money back

ATMs can inflict a lot of unnecessary pain on travelers. There are widespread reports of ATMs reclaiming money if it isn’t taken quickly enough. Sometimes, the funds are credited back to a customer’s account, sometimes not. And the fees? Outrageous!

Americans work on their vacation

After I got out of the Army, I worked in Italy and Germany. The Italians seemed to take a vacation every day avoiding stress. But the Germans worked hard every day, except during vacation; then they worked at relaxing. My German friends had a saying, “A three-week vacation is perfect. You have one week to […]