One passenger cancels a cruise – four different answers from Princess

While travelers complain frequently about airline cancellation penalties, the truth is that most airline tickets are a lot easier to change at the last minute than a cruise. In fact, many cruise fares become more than 50 percent nonrefundable within a month of sailing and more are nonrefundable in the last couple weeks. (Which is […]

Top 50 most scenic restaurant views

Here is a fun list of restaurants with great views. By no means is this list comprehensive, nor would I rank these the “best.” But, these restaurants do have great views. I have dined at two of them over the years — the Edgewood Restaurant on Lake Tahoe and Seven Glaciers in Alyeska, Alaska. They both certainly have great views.

What do you mean you’re not married? Not even a blood relative?

Hello 2011 — Do insurance companies understand this is a whole new world and not everyone chooses to get married or legally can? Apparently not; at least in the case of Geico. This is really not a complaint about customer service. The company has tried its hardest and has been more than responsive in communicating […]

TSA Watch: Should we avoid screening — or embrace it?

Full-body scan or pat-down? It’s a choice that hundreds of thousands of air travelers will make for the first time this summer. Not willingly, mind you. Some passengers are even going so far as to change the way they dress in an effort to avoid the whole thing. Susan Jones, an executive from Bellevue, Wash., […]