Staying safe on an international vacation — should U.S. law be involved?

A new bill has been introduced in the Senate that mandates website operators include information about what on-site health and safety services are available at each listed property, including but not limited to the availability of a nurse or physician on the premise and the presence of a lifeguard on duty.
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Airlines reap $1.5 billion in baggage fees and change fees in April, May and June

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), airlines collected $1.5 billion from baggage fees and reservation change fees in the second quarter of 2011, according to the airline financial data released last week.
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What we’re reading: Qantas ordered to resume flights, ANA eyes US west coast for 787 flight, Canada’s newest airport

Qantas and unioins ordered to resume flights, ANA eyes US west coast for 787 flights, Canada's surprising new airport opens in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sunday what we’re reading: 8 handy travel items, countries with cheapest gas, puzzling borders

Today we look at common items you should bring with you when traveling, but may not; get a list of the 10 countries with the cheapest gas in the world; and take a look at five borders that pose some unusual problems.
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Haunted ski resorts

At first ponder, ski and snowboard resorts seem strange places to find ghosts. But when you consider that many of our winter snow resorts are built in areas that once had wild and sometimes grisly histories, then the occasional appearance of an unsettled soul is perhaps not so surprising. Charlie Leocha spins some tales for Halloween.

Saturday what we’re reading: Unusual claims to fame, high-tech ID checks, VIP services

This weekend we look at small-town America and not-so-small-town's claims to fame. We look at new machines to check IDs at the airport and glance at VIP services that may ease the hassles of airline travel.
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Global Entry — worth every penny if you travel internationally, even domestically soon

Earlier this year, I signed up for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP)Global Entry Program. I have traveled to Europe twice and Canada once since then and for me, it has already paid for itself. This is one government program that outdoes expectations.
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What we’re reading: Will iPads overwhelm Wi-Fi? A380 spotting at LAX, RCCL reports cruising strength

Is the iPad a threat to Wi-Fi? A380s at LAX, RCCL reports cruising strength in Alaska and the Caribbean

5 questions to ask before booking a hotel recommended by a friend

When it comes to booking hotels, the scariest words I often hear when trying to help a client or friend find the right place to stay, are "My Friend Said...."
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With international checked baggage on code-share flights, which airline’s rules apply?

In the case of a code-share operation with a foreign carrier or that of an airline alliance with antitrust immunity, the ability to merge operations and make them seamless for travelers borders on the impossible. Consumers end up faced with alliances and codeshares of a Frankenstein nature.
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