Flooding in Bangkok closes city’s second largest airport

Yesterday, I heard about a friend from Thailand who evacuated Bangkok because of the severity of the flooding. This morning, it was announced that the city’s second largest airport, the one that handles many domestic flights, has been flooded.

Another tax on air travelers? It’s nonsense

The Obama administration’s deficit-reduction plan includes a new mandatory $100 surcharge per flight for air traffic control services, which airlines would pay directly to the Federal Aviation Administration. The plan also raises the passenger security tax from $2.50 to $5 per non-stop flight, and eventually to $7.50.

Kennedy Space Center adds Vehicle Assembly Building tour

Though the U.S. government has decided that space exploration is an expense it cannot maintain at its current pace, the history of America’s exploration of space is fascinating. The once bustling Kennedy Space Center is a window into the future when private companies will be initiating space flight.

When a good airline seat goes bad

As upgrades get more and more difficult to obtain, many savvy travelers are turning their attention to flights where they can reserve good seats in coach.

More healthy tips for those leaving on a jet plane

Last week Ned Levi discussed healthy tips for travelers when flying. This week Ned is back with more healthy tips concerning food while flying, “airline carrier colds,” ear pain, and the infamous “aircraft infection zone.”