Menendez calls for transparency in all airline fees

The battle with the airlines and consumer groups, such as the Consumer Travel Alliance, about whether or not passengers will be told the full price of transportation including baggage fees and other obscure ancillary fees is still raging on Capitol Hill.

Can unsafe, ineffective TSA security methods make us safe?

In November, TSA Administrator, John Pistole, agreed to have an independent study of TSA’s full body scanners’ health effects on air passengers. Now Mr. Pistole is apparently backing away from his health safety testing commitment. Ned Levi discusses the health and safety issues of the scanners, and whether or not they can do the job for which they were purchased.

Amelia Island: A town time forgot — thank goodness

It’s a town time forgot — or maybe it just refused to move forward. Serene and unpretentious, Amelia Island remains in the 1900s — reveling in its long, colorful history, quite aware it no longer has to prove anything to the rest of the world.