7 changes to be thankful for with airline travel

Admittedly, most airline holiday travel these days is more of an ordeal than anything. However, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are a few developments for which we can be very thankful. My travel Thanksgiving list follows.

Hartford tarmac stranding doesn’t justify new laws

The Halloween weekend stranding of more than 1,000 airline passengers at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Conn., brought the tarmac delay activists out in full force again, pushing for new laws that they claim would prevent lengthy ground delays.

5 holiday travel trips for frequent fliers who don’t normally need tips

Most frequent fliers know the airport drill at this point, get there early, limit your carry-on liquids, wear shoes that are easy to get on and off, etc. And, of course, board as early as possible if you have bags that need to go overhead. During holiday periods, even regular travelers can get caught up […]

Weekend what we’re reading: Sleepboxes at airports? Why trains are best in Europe, high-speed rail expands except in U.S.

Is Sleepbox the right solution for weary business travelers? We’ve heard of tiny hotel rooms showing up in the middle of London and New York, but now sleeping cubes are being introduced to airports as a place to catch a few winks between flights. Who knows? This idea might catch on if the price isn’t […]