Weekend what we’re reading: Florida courts nudists, taste testing airline food, Phallological Museum

Nudists in Florida plan to promote their natural lifestyle as a tourism asset, testing airline food and a unique phallus museum in Iceland grace this weekends, end-of-the-year news. Happy New Year.

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ConsumerTraveler most-read stories of 2011

As we wind to closing out 2011, a look back at the top stories read this past year on ConsumerTraveler.com shows us a mix of topics from passport rules and regulations to consumer problems and travel rules to Top 10 lists. These stories are either stories that evoke the most passions at the moment, and change the course of Washington bureaucrats, such as our coverage of passport issues in the spring, and pats on the back to airlines when they go beyond the call of duty as in the case of Southwest airlines last January.
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What we’re reading: Ten places to spend the end of the world, when safety risk is highest, El Al adds fuel surcharges

Ten places to spend at the end of the world, scholar determines when safety risk is highest, El Al adds fuel surcharge to airfare
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An Olympian’s surprising Top 12 Alpine ski and snowboard resorts

Named to the U.S. Ski Team at 18, Bahrke, a native Californian, spent 11 years globetrotting for World Cup competitions and competing in three Olympics (Salt Lake City, Torino, and Vancouver). These days, she is squiring those with gobs of disposable income around one of America’s top luxury ski resorts. Though situated in the resplendent St. Regis in Deer Valley, her list of favorite places to ski range from the glitzy (Deer Valley, of course) to downright every-skier-or-rider, like Hunter Mountain.

What we’re reading: Las Vegas monorail offers locals discount rides, resolutions for hotels, software helps pilots land

Las Vegas monorail offers locals discount rides, New Year's resolutions for hotels, Honeywell software helps pilots land

10 quirky New Year’s celebrations

Many of us have heard about the New Year's ball dropping at Times Square in New York, we have seen videos of the fireworks over Boston Harbor and Las Vegas, but how many have seen the Sardine or Bologna drop in Maine and Pennsylvania or the MoonPie drop in Alabama?
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US Airways charges family extra to sit together

In order to sit next to her children, ages 7 and 10, Molly Todd was told she would have to pay extra for her economy class seat.

What we’re reading: Most expensive New Year’s Eve dinners in Vegas, indoor ski resort coming to Barcelona, Transaero to buy 787s

The most expensive New Year’s Eve dinners in Las Vegas

If you’re going to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve and want to throw your money away, spend it at one of these venues.
Strip restaurants are rolling out the red carpet to accommodate [foodies] with holiday buffets and prix fixe meals.

Here’s a look at some of Las Vegas’ most expensive New Year’s Eve dining options and what $300, $400, $500 or more will buy you:

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Top airports for healthy food

Airport food and healthy don't seem to go together. But these days, the healthy offerings are getting better and more and more outlets are providing at least some healthy choices on their menus.
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What we’re reading: Airport reward programs, the man behind SIA’s meals, Viking orders two luxury ships

Airports courts fliers with reward programs, the man behind SIA's meals, Viking orders two luxury ships