Unaccompanied minors flying — potential nightmares around every corner

Ned Levi examines Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor policies and actions, in light of the problems of Chloe Boyce, who was flying on their airline from Nashville to New York. Chloe, a 9 year old was inexplicably taken off her flight in Baltimore and rebooked on a later flight without notifying her mother or anyone else in her family.

Merry Christmas videos, enjoy the holidays — Santa flies through New York, Hallelujah flash mob, Spanair gifts

Here are three of my favorite Christmas videos. Well, the first is here because I enjoy the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular so much. The second, is one of the best flashmobs I have seen on video and it fits right into the Christmas spirit. Finally, a video I posted back in April, but deserves to be posted again; one of the best Christmas surprises ever arranged by an airline.

TSA looking for the wrong stuff

Limiting the searches that TSA personnel need to do will save thousands of hours of time, cut budgets dramatically, allow a focus on the most dangerous issues and move passengers through security more quickly and with fewer hassles.

A holiday surprise from the travel industry

That’s the funny thing about the travel industry. For a business that, with a few notable exceptions, thinks nothing of offending its customers most of the year, the short-lived transformation during the holidays is incredible. It’s as if someone turned back the clock and made common courtesy and customer service important again.