Vacation rental phishing scams catch more travelers

Shauna Kattler thought she’d found the ideal rental home in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for her Christmas vacation: a two-bedroom penthouse condominium with a hot tub and an impossibly perfect view of the Caribbean. And she was getting it for the impossibly low peak-season rate of $450 a night through HomeAway.com, a popular vacation rental Web site. “Impossibly” being the operative word.

What we’re reading: SWA celebrates three decades of service to Vegas, two European airlines cease operations, FAA flags improper flight plans

Southwest celebrates three decades of service to Las Vegas, two European airlines cease operations, FAA flags improper RVSM access

The death of Priceline’s bidding for hotels? Capt. Kirk goes down in flames

Priceline in its latest ad sends Captain Kirk, for years associated with its "name your own price" program, is sent to a fiery demise. Is it the end of the website's mantra? Is Captain Kirk gone in an explosive crash or did he manage to teleport away at the last minute?
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Tips to be prepared in case of a cruise ship emergency

Last week Ned Levi looked at the maritime regulations which are in force for cruise ships and recommended changes, in light of the Costa Concordia tragedy. This week Ned offers safety tips for cruisers, so they are prepared in case an emergency occurs to help them ensure their safety, along with family, and friends traveling with them.
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What we’re reading: $30,000 romance package, where to buy airline snacks, new SWA interiors

$30,000 romance package for Valentine's Day, where to buy favorite airline snacks, new SWA interiors mean six additional seats

What we’re watching: Pronouncing German wines, views from Google Earth, Pharoh’s world

We take a look at German wine words, then there is a brilliant video that combines images from Google Earth, and finally, a full-length show about ancient Egypt. The final film will introduce www.snagfilms.com, the largest collection of documentary films on the Web — a site each of you should know about.
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Weekend what we’re reading: Breaking into Alcatraz, Passenger lights up and plane forced to land, Alaska ends prayer cards,

This weekend we take a look at the phenomenon of people breaking into Alcatraz, rather than breaking out; all to search for fictional rooms. A smoker on a flight forces the plane to divert when he fights with the flight attendant insisting that he put it out. Alaska Air stops handing out prayer cards with meals.
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Refresh body and spirit with nontraditional Arizona spa treatments

Looking for a spa service different than the usual massage, facial, or wrap? These three treatments, available in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area in Arizona, are just that.

As the United-Continental merger continues, it’s flyer beware

No one said that merging two of the biggest U.S. carriers was going to be easy; it isn't. Frequent travelers who live near Northwest and Delta hubs might be excused for smiling as United and Continental travelers deal with some of the issues they dealt with a couple years ago.
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What we’re reading: SFO opens Yoga Room, Vegas casinos relying more on baccarat, flight diverts after unruly smoker

San Francisco airport opens Yoga Room, Vegas casinos relying more on baccarat, flight diverts after unruly smoker lights up