Waitlisting upgrades internationally on the new United? Prepare to tie up some significant co-pays

At this point, most travelers who try to upgrade flights to Europe or other international destinations are used to the co-pay concept; increasingly, for the cheaper fares, the co-pays for those upgrades are as much as the base price of the ticket.

With United Airlines, from San Francisco, the upgrades have also been very difficult to obtain, unless a traveler has elite status with the airline. (Even that is no guarantee.)

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What we’re reading: 737 MAX could arrive early, AMR pilots fire back, preparing to land

Boeing 737 MAX could arrive early, American Airlines pilots fire back at management, procedures for preparing to land

EU starts probe of Air France/Delta Atlantic antitrust immunity pact

The rise of airline alliances has effectively reduced the control of more than 80 percent of transatlantic flights to three competitors. The EU is taking a closer look.
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Consultants help turn frequent flier awards into tickets — for a price

Christine Ballentine is a loyal US Airways customer, and she's been saving up her frequent-flier miles for a trip to France this summer. But turning them into a ticket hasn’t been easy.
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What we’re reading: Cruise passengers robbed at gunpoint back in SoCal, blaze sets cruise ship adrift, FAA proposes airline pilot qualifications boost

Cruise passengers robbed at gunpoint back in Southern California, blaze sets Costa cruise ship adrift, FAA proposes airline pilot qualifications boost

Special limited time opportunity for visitors to Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center can be a great alternative to the typical amusement park, movie studio, "ride" tourist sites found in the Orlando, Florida area, for adults and families alike. Ned Levi has information for you about visiting the Kennedy Space Center, including news about a very special visitor opportunity there, available for only a limited time.
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What we’re reading: AMR needs staff concessions, IAD fourth North American destination for Etihad, Boeing may decide this year on 787-10

AMR needs staff concessions immediately, Washington-Dulles to be fourth North American destination for Etihad, Boeing may decide this year on development of 787-10

How to have a London Olympic experience for less

For many travelers, attending the Olympics is a dream worth pursuing. However, sometimes the costs end up skyrocketing. For anyone planning a trip to London during the Olympics, here are some tips to saving money and keep from getting gouged.
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What we’re watching: ACLU on photography, Obama speaks at DC museum groundbreaking, TSA prevaricates

This group of videos provides an ACLU explanation of your rights when taking photographs, President Obama's remarks during the groundbreaking of the National Museum of African American History and Culture and a news report from Orlando noting the disingenuous actions of TSA.
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Vietnam bound: Planning itineraries and redeeming points and miles for a trip to remember

Vietnam was my destination of choice and my plans were to do and see all — as much as I could squeeze in. Asia presented me with a new set of problems both with planning and with moving around once I landed.
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