Waitlisting upgrades internationally on the new United? Prepare to tie up some significant co-pays

At this point, most travelers who try to upgrade flights to Europe or other international destinations are used to the co-pay concept; increasingly, for the cheaper fares, the co-pays for those upgrades are as much as the base price of the ticket. With United Airlines, from San Francisco, the upgrades have also been very difficult […]

Special limited time opportunity for visitors to Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center can be a great alternative to the typical amusement park, movie studio, “ride” tourist sites found in the Orlando, Florida area, for adults and families alike. Ned Levi has information for you about visiting the Kennedy Space Center, including news about a very special visitor opportunity there, available for only a limited time.

How to have a London Olympic experience for less

For many travelers, attending the Olympics is a dream worth pursuing. However, sometimes the costs end up skyrocketing. For anyone planning a trip to London during the Olympics, here are some tips to saving money and keep from getting gouged.